Defense for the modern world

Today, nearly every system is connected to a network, companies have assets spread across the globe, and threats are becoming more sophisticated. CaveFox has the experience necessary to help in the defense of the modern world. CaveFox takes an active approach in auditing, and securing systems from digital and physical threats.

Red Team

Our team can act as intruders, and attempt to breach physical and digital security. We provide writeups of the vulnerabilites that we find, and suggestions for improvement. This active approach to security auditing provides a better understanding of where weakpoints are and how to fix them.

Intelligence Gathering

We plan, design, and implement data collection and analysis systems of all types and sizes.

Hardware/Software Development

From mesh networking to advanced intrusion detection systems. We build and manage a variety of proprietary defense platforms.

Information Security

The security and privacy of our customers is of the highest concern. Customer records and proprietary information is stored using the latest in technical and physical security. We will keep any work we do for clients completely confidential within the bounds of United States law.